Expressions of eternal life

The life of a Christian is an overcoming life, in other words a life of
adventure, prevailing in every circumstance. If there was nothing to
overcome then you would not have the opportunity to fully express
the potential of the life you have been given.
Challenges must come; they are necessary for your spiritual
development, it is what you SAY and DO in the midst of your
challenges that is of utmost importance. Always remember the first
step you must take to work out this overcoming life that you have
received in any trying circumstance is to SPEAK, and it is important
for you to speak powerful words that have the ability to change the
circumstance. In Acts 19:20, the bible says the word of God grew
and prevailed in the city of Ephesus, showing us the prevailing and
overcoming ability of the word, therefore the smart thing to do in any
trying situation is to speak God’s word (make it grow in you) and it
will prevail in your mind and over that challenge. This is how to work
out this life that you have, Philippians 2:12. Remember you express
the dynamics of this life in trying situations, so as said in James
1:2-4 “count it all joy”, learn to rejoice in trying situations, they are
just a means to express who you are and what you have.

Romans 8:37
Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him
that loved us.


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