Good Company

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The bible says… ” He that winneth souls is wise”, Proverbs 11:30, that’s the declaration of the Spirit. The bible says if you walk with the wise, you would become wise, Proverbs 13:20, so if you walk with a soul winner, you would become a soul winner. Chances are the reason you are not a vibrant soul winner is because your friends do not take it passionately. Well, you might not want to change your friends, but you can change yourself and influence your friends.
It’s important: the company you keep as a Christian, be friends with the right people, people that would provoke you to good works afterall according to God’s manual for your life, those are the kind of friends he prescribed for you.
It is better to do spiritual things/ activities with others, so choose your friends wisely and be actively involved in soul winning.

Hebrews 10:24
And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works:


It’s original!

If you were told that to never fall sick again in your life all you had to do was to consume a pill worth five hundred naira, chances are you would not believe in such a pill and you might not give it a second thought because accepting that the drug has the ability to prevent a person from falling sick is difficult in itself and then realizing that it is so cheap makes it more difficult to accept, thus a huge number of people would doubt the credibility of the pill.
No wonder some Christians find it difficult to believe that all they need is all they have in Christ, because they didn’t work for it, so they don’t think things should be that easy. Listen, you might have gotten your salvation for free, you might have received the spirit for free, but these gifts are not cheap, they were made available by the death of the only begotten son of God as at that time.
Alright, suppose you were told that our ‘miracle pill’ costs a trillion pounds and seventy of your richest uncles contributed to get it for themselves and they gave you the left over with the receipt of purchase, chances are you would take the pill more seriously, not because the pill has changed but because its value has inceased in your mind. In the same vein, the reason you should believe that when you received the Hoky Ghost, you received the Greater One; the Healer, the Solution of life’s problem and so you can neer be disadvantaged is not because you got him for free but that he came because of the death of the son of God, the price of every free gift you enjoy as a Christian is the blood of Jesus, and if they have that much value then they must be ‘original’ 😉

Romans 8:32
He that spared not his own Son, but delivered him up for us all, how shall he not with him also freely give us all things?

Buy truth!

The Spirit of God never gave us the idea that we would wake up one morning and get a download of revelation of the word into our spirits by mere wishing, and that’s because God is not a crook! The two greatest representations of a person is his time and money, the money you get is basically the result of the time you have spent and your life’s investment is in your time. If you value a thing, you would give it your time and/ or your money, if you value the truth of God’s word you would give your time and your money to get the necessary materials that bring the truth to you.
Solomon was the wisest king that ever lived, he got his wisdom from God and he told us to buy truth and sell it not, don’t be myopic in your life, few Christians can spend more than two hundred naira in a day on food, but would shriek at the thought of getting a message or a book worth that amount, when it comes to Christian materials, their default mindset is to get it free and that is not good enough.
If you never valued Christian materials, one way to value them is to spend your time and money on them, and soon enough you would be the one advising others to take God’s word seriously and to give it value with their time and their monies.
So, don’t always expect free Christian materials, or for the truth of God’s word to jump on you one day, make a conscious effort to reach out to get the truth and you would be glad you did.

Proverbs 23:23
Buy the truth, and sell it not;
also wisdom, and instruction, and understanding.

Place value…

Learn to live like God, that involves talking and thinking like him concerning everything, person or situation. He paid the same amount for everybody in the world: the blood of his only begotten son, meaning he valued everybody equally: the ‘aboki’, school teacher, ol’ grandma, even those that are yet to know or believe in him, he thought there was something special or of value about everyone.
You ought to train yourself to think like that about people. If God thought they were special and of value, then they are special and of value no matter how annoying, unbearable and evil they may seem to you. Treat people special, think the best about others, especially fellow believers, resist the temptation to be among the bunch of folks that criticize other Christians based on doctrinal differences, infact resist the thought and train yourself with all patience and dilligence to really LIKE everybody you meet especially other believers, Galatians 6:10.
Don’t give yourself an excuse not to express love, you have God’s love in you already meaning it’s already too late for you to decide not to show love, use God’s love given to you effectively and esteem people in your heart and mind.
This is God’s desire for you and this will cause you to live an excellent life, making excellent decisions always, Philippians 1:9-10.

Romans 5:5
and hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us.

Getting the best out of you

You know, nobody uses a needle as a tooth pick, (if you do, you should stop)the needle does look like a tooth pick, but we don’t use it when we are through eating, we don’t even use it as a syringe even though it is as sharp as a syringe, because that was not what the needle was made for, it is meant to be used in tailoring (or hair dressing). If you use it as a sewing needle you would get the best result from it and fully maximize the potential of the needle.
If God didn’t plan for you to sell suya and you go into suya selling business you would end up dissatisfied, the same applies to you working in Chevron or Mobil, because when he made you, he set your body members in such a way so that they function accurately in a particular occupation, if you were meant to be a doctor according to God’s will for you, then he made your members so that you maximize your full potential when in that occupation.
How do you know your purpose? Fellowship with the one who made you, the Holy Ghost. He is the author of the word, when you spend quality time with your bible and speaking in other tongues, he breathes his thoughts and ideas to your spirit and your mind, soon enough with his peace in your heart you would be able to determine accurately what you are on earth for and serve him accordingly,
Live everyday in your full potential and capacity by living in God’s purpose for your life and find out what it is by spending time to worship God in prayer and study of his word.

Ephesians 2:10
For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.

The short-cut

God’s word is indestructible. We have seen that in different ages, men, women, government and systems have arisen that had threatened to eradicate the word (gospel), this is one message that the whole world has fought against at several times and have lost because no force on earth can defeat or bring to nought God’s word. It has an ability of its own to bring to pass what it talks about despite the opposing circumstances, no wonder a man that could have been classified as naturaly dead by the world at one hundred years of age could bring forth a child, because the ability of God’s word cannot be determined or faultered by natural laws, the word is power on its own, halleluyah!
This is one reason why the Christian should take God’s word seriously, because it can never fail, nothing in the word speaks of failure, if the word of God says “do these things and you would have these results” then do them, listen the word of God gives you the easy way out, if you neglect it you are in for a long journey to nowhere.
The wors says: “meditate on the word, speak the word, do the word THEN your ways would be prosperous and you shall have good success, Joshua 1:8” This is the easiest way to success, this is the wisdom of God for your success, simply do it.
The word says: “only those that speak in tongues get edified, charged and emboldened. Those who don’t would remain in a low state, weak and fearful even though they are Christians, 1 Corinthians 14:4, Jude 20”
If you ignore the word and establish your own principles or rules you would return disappointed, but if you do what the word of God says you should, you would doubtless get the results it talks about.
So, do the word in simple matters and in large matters too.

Proverbs 8:21
That I may cause those that love me to inherit substance;
and I will fill their treasures.

Jesus’ value

“God loves a cheerful giver”; how true! There are several occasions in the bible that buttress this fact, there are many people in the bible that were amplified and made mention of by the Spirit of God because of their giving.
One King in the bible that God visited directly without sending an angel or a prophet was King Solomon, God appeared to him twice and on each occasion it was after the king had given huge sacrifices, God responded swiftly to King Solomon’s giving and gave him much more. [2 Chronicles 1:6-7]
There is a remarkable event that took place in the bible: Jesus was met by the elders of the Jews on behalf of a centurion’s (gentile) servant that was sick, well we notice that Jesus didn’t respond to them initially, but when they told him of how he built a synagogue for the Jews, he was even willing to walk (trek) down to his house, now Jesus was the expression of the father, meaning he responded exactly the way the father would have reponded. [Luke 7:2-10]
Joseph surnamed Barnabas (son of consolation) was made mention of in the bible bexause of his much giving, before that verse people had been giving to the church, but this man gave so much that the apostles named him the son of consolation, he was amplified in scriptures because of his giving. [Acts 4:36-37]
God so loved the world that he gave his most precious gift: his own son! Awesome! One major way we can  express this life that we have received is by loving Jesus and this is shown by our giving to him. [John 3:16]
What is Jesus’ value in your mind? What is he worth? What is too big to give to him? A Million dollars? Listen, he didn’t think anything was too big to give up for you, infact he gave his own life for you.
Make definite plans to give to God, be a faithful steward in your giving (proclamation of your love for Jesus) to God’s work and watch the spirit beautify your life and amplify you!

2Corinthians 9:8
And God is able to make all grace abound toward you; that ye, always having all sufficiency in all things, may abound to every good work: