Add Excellence…

Certain things ought not to come to your mind; negative thoughts about people, fear of uncertainties etc. Plan everyday as a dilligent workman and have a confident look at the future. Live today with all the ability you can muster and don’t think that your diligence today would not last long, just live each day as it comes with the best kind of attitude. Continue your study and prayer everyday without thinking that this meticulousness might not last, it will because you are a child of God and self control and faithfulness are a fruit of your recreated human spirit. Galatians 5:23
Remember not all habits are bad, some are very good. If you keep at being the best you can be per day, sooner enough you would form a very good habit out of it and it would be your normal way of life. So you plan to be excellent every day, not bothered about the longetivity and consistency of your decision and before you know it you would not be able to remember the last time you were not the best at what you do and God would increase your ability.

2Peter 1:5
And beside this, giving all diligence, add to your faith VIRTUE(moral excellence); and to virtue knowledge;


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