This Gospel!

God only invests in the gospel. The Kingdom of heaven is centred around the purpose and preaching of the gospel, this is one message that God himself tabernacled in human flesh and died for, in otherwords in God’s mind, it was a message worth dying for, if he takes it that serious then every Christian should likewise take it serious too.
You’d find distractions everywhere in the world, but the Lord already told us that he hath called us out of this world, out of the pains, sufferings and wickedness of this world, he has given us a higher life and sent us back into the world as his ambassadors; representatives to share this message that he died for to a dying world.
The bible tells us that the WHOLE world lieth in wickedness, he made no exclusions, he said the whole world; no wonder a sixty years old man can molest a three years old girl and feel no remorse, no wonder a man’s occupation could be to assassinate other men like himself and he sees no wrong in it, no wonder, a dying individual in Nigeria could be rushed into the hospital and be neglected by the doctors and nurses simply because he/she has not paid the bills. God is not ignorant of all that happens in the world, and his conclusion is: the whole world lieth in wickedness, and that is why he sent us with the message of his gospel.
The gospel is simply salvation for the sinner, hope for the hopeless, wealth for the poor, healing for the sick, strength and boldness for the weak and feeble, life to the dead man, all FREE of charge! If the dying man knew the gospel of healing, he would be delivered from the anguish of death.
God’s answer to and against the wickedness in the world is in the gospel, that is his solution, fan the flames of passion in you for the world and invest your life in the gospel, it’s worth it.
Remember it’s a message worth living for!

1John 5:19
And we know that we are of God, and the whole world lieth in wickedness.


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