A Person of Influence!

When a man dies, his closest relatives or friends are meant to be given possession of the body with the assurance that since they were closer to him they would make the right decisions concerning his burial and disposal/ distribution of his properties.
We see a diversion of this thought in the death of Jesus, we knew that he had twelve men who were very close to him and out of these twelve, we also saw that three men (Peter, James and John) seem to go with him everywhere, we could safely assume that they were closest to Jesus, but no matter how close they were, they were not given Jesus’ body after his death, his body was given to Joseph of Arimathea.
What did Joseph of Arimathea have? Influence, the bible says he entered boldly and requested the body of Jesus from Pilate and he was given the body, even Mary, Jesus’ mom didn’t get the right of Jesus’ body, the man with influence did.
Joseph was a rich pharisee and a secret disciple of Jesus, no wonder he entered in boldly to ask of Jesus’ body, he had the money and the bible says:
Proverbs 18:23
The poor useth intreaties;
but the rich answereth roughly.
The Spirit of God showing us that major decisions (political and social) are made for the whole body of Christ in the world by the sect of the body that have political and social influence whether they have a close knowledge of Jesus or not, and money gives a man influence, for example the King James Version of the bible is the most widely read version because it was sponsored by a rich king, now most people think that Jesus, the apostles and the prophets spoke KJV english, even though it was like the thirteenth version of the bible to be in print. The spirit said expressly in Zechariah 1:17- “…My cities through prosperity shall yet be spread abroad” through PROSPERITY would God’s cities (kingdom) be spread abroad, he would have said through love, or through kindness, but that was not what he intended to say, he meant and intended to say through PROSPERITY.
The bible tells us in Ecclesiastes 9:16, that a poor man’s words are not heard, and if the gospel is preached with words then a poor man’s gospel is not heard.
As Christians, we should develop a ‘prosperity mentality’ not for selfish desires, but should do so in accordance with God’s calling on our lives. Make no mistakes about it, one day Christians would take over the media, education, agriculture and transportation sector of economies etc and this would be accomplished by the mass influence we would have on the world. We see in 3 John 2 that God wants us to prosper but we won’t if we retain a poverty mentality. Quit such a mindset and let God do big things with your life through the gospel.


One thought on “A Person of Influence!

  1. Until the word of God covers the earth as the water covers the sea. It’s a choice to choose between doing mega thing for Jesus or doing small things.
    Preach sister! God bless you loads

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