Jesus’ value

“God loves a cheerful giver”; how true! There are several occasions in the bible that buttress this fact, there are many people in the bible that were amplified and made mention of by the Spirit of God because of their giving.
One King in the bible that God visited directly without sending an angel or a prophet was King Solomon, God appeared to him twice and on each occasion it was after the king had given huge sacrifices, God responded swiftly to King Solomon’s giving and gave him much more. [2 Chronicles 1:6-7]
There is a remarkable event that took place in the bible: Jesus was met by the elders of the Jews on behalf of a centurion’s (gentile) servant that was sick, well we notice that Jesus didn’t respond to them initially, but when they told him of how he built a synagogue for the Jews, he was even willing to walk (trek) down to his house, now Jesus was the expression of the father, meaning he responded exactly the way the father would have reponded. [Luke 7:2-10]
Joseph surnamed Barnabas (son of consolation) was made mention of in the bible bexause of his much giving, before that verse people had been giving to the church, but this man gave so much that the apostles named him the son of consolation, he was amplified in scriptures because of his giving. [Acts 4:36-37]
God so loved the world that he gave his most precious gift: his own son! Awesome! One major way we can  express this life that we have received is by loving Jesus and this is shown by our giving to him. [John 3:16]
What is Jesus’ value in your mind? What is he worth? What is too big to give to him? A Million dollars? Listen, he didn’t think anything was too big to give up for you, infact he gave his own life for you.
Make definite plans to give to God, be a faithful steward in your giving (proclamation of your love for Jesus) to God’s work and watch the spirit beautify your life and amplify you!

2Corinthians 9:8
And God is able to make all grace abound toward you; that ye, always having all sufficiency in all things, may abound to every good work:


One thought on “Jesus’ value

  1. you just have a way of hitting the nail on the crown of the head….well done!

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