Buy truth!

The Spirit of God never gave us the idea that we would wake up one morning and get a download of revelation of the word into our spirits by mere wishing, and that’s because God is not a crook! The two greatest representations of a person is his time and money, the money you get is basically the result of the time you have spent and your life’s investment is in your time. If you value a thing, you would give it your time and/ or your money, if you value the truth of God’s word you would give your time and your money to get the necessary materials that bring the truth to you.
Solomon was the wisest king that ever lived, he got his wisdom from God and he told us to buy truth and sell it not, don’t be myopic in your life, few Christians can spend more than two hundred naira in a day on food, but would shriek at the thought of getting a message or a book worth that amount, when it comes to Christian materials, their default mindset is to get it free and that is not good enough.
If you never valued Christian materials, one way to value them is to spend your time and money on them, and soon enough you would be the one advising others to take God’s word seriously and to give it value with their time and their monies.
So, don’t always expect free Christian materials, or for the truth of God’s word to jump on you one day, make a conscious effort to reach out to get the truth and you would be glad you did.

Proverbs 23:23
Buy the truth, and sell it not;
also wisdom, and instruction, and understanding.


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