It’s original!

If you were told that to never fall sick again in your life all you had to do was to consume a pill worth five hundred naira, chances are you would not believe in such a pill and you might not give it a second thought because accepting that the drug has the ability to prevent a person from falling sick is difficult in itself and then realizing that it is so cheap makes it more difficult to accept, thus a huge number of people would doubt the credibility of the pill.
No wonder some Christians find it difficult to believe that all they need is all they have in Christ, because they didn’t work for it, so they don’t think things should be that easy. Listen, you might have gotten your salvation for free, you might have received the spirit for free, but these gifts are not cheap, they were made available by the death of the only begotten son of God as at that time.
Alright, suppose you were told that our ‘miracle pill’ costs a trillion pounds and seventy of your richest uncles contributed to get it for themselves and they gave you the left over with the receipt of purchase, chances are you would take the pill more seriously, not because the pill has changed but because its value has inceased in your mind. In the same vein, the reason you should believe that when you received the Hoky Ghost, you received the Greater One; the Healer, the Solution of life’s problem and so you can neer be disadvantaged is not because you got him for free but that he came because of the death of the son of God, the price of every free gift you enjoy as a Christian is the blood of Jesus, and if they have that much value then they must be ‘original’ 😉

Romans 8:32
He that spared not his own Son, but delivered him up for us all, how shall he not with him also freely give us all things?


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