Being Right

Righteousness is that ability of God in a human that causes him to do and say the right things according to God’s standards all the time. Well, that might not be the experience of many Christians but that doesn’t change the word of God that has declared every believer righteous, remember it is God who is boss and he says what is what and who is who, if he says you are righteous then you are but it is your responsibility to live out that righteousness.
For example as a believer if you lie or use abusive words, you’d feel uncomfortable because you are wired differently, you know right from wrong and you really want to do the right thing, God knows that too and so he gave you his word, understand that the word of God not only brings you information but has the ability to transform you or better put cause you to metamorphose into what he talks about. For example Jesus in speaking to the raging storm declared “be still” meaning that the raging storm automatically became “still” that means if Jesus had said “be dog!” The storm would have become a dog, so if the word says “be anxious for nothing” he is not only bringing you information he is making you what he talks about, so no matter your situation you become ‘anxious for nothing’, it is so important for every believer to submit to the word and God’s righteousness.
Love is patient, love is kind, God is love and thus God is patient and kind, he is patient enough to help you grow and learn, if you make a mistake don’t get disappointed or discouraged instead lean back on the word and become a better Christian.

Romans 6:11
Likewise reckon ye also yourselves to be dead indeed unto sin, but alive unto God through Jesus Christ our Lord.


The Spirit

God wants you effective i.e. doing the best thing, the first time and the right way and that’s why he sent the holy Ghost. Never neglect the ministry of the Spirit in your life, he would guide you into all truth; all realities, the reality about every situation you find yourself, he will teach you how to maintain your joy irrespective of what happens to you.
He was sent to walk along side with you, as your helper, your strenghtner, your advocate, your standby, your intercessor, your counsellor i.e. the counsel to the defence. You know, you could be walking on the street or sitting on the chair and if anyone sees you they would think that’s all there is to you; the man or woman sitting on the chair and that’s because they don’t know the reality- all they see is not all there is, there is One who is with you; who is greater than all… who has all the solution. Just like Jesus said to the woman at the well, if they knew who you were and who was with you, they’d value and appreciate your presence.
Never neglect the Spirit in your life, listen to him, live in him. Decrease while he increases in you by his word.

John 14:26
But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.

Agent of change

God’s plan for his children is to make them influential in this world, with influence you can go anywhere and cause tremendous changes. God is good, he gains nothing at the sufferings of people even though they are sinners, it doesn’t change who he is, instead he looks out to help others, those that are down in life, going through a web of discouragement and disadvantage, he takes pleasure in helping them.
When Jesus meets a sick man, he makes him well- whole, when he shows up in a home where there is bitterness, hate and dissatisfation, he brings love and joy, when he meets a poor man:

Psalm 113:7-8
He raiseth up the poor out of the dust,
and lifteth the needy out of the dunghill;
That he may set him with princes,
even with the princes of his people.

So God’s mission to a poor man is to bring him to a place of influence where he can influence a change in the lives of other poor men and make them influential too. As a Christian, our goal should be to look out for a need in the environment where we find ourselves and to effect a positive change that would usher people into the kingdom of God.
You are God’s agent of change and love, never forget that. Study, learn more, increase in knowledge and make definite plans to help others.

1Samuel 2:8
He raiseth up the poor out of the dust,
and lifteth up the beggar from the dunghill,
to set them among princes,
and to make them inherit the throne of glory:
for the pillars of the earth are the Lord ‘s, and he hath set the world upon them.

No shadows

God’s word is light, the bible says the entrance of his words giveth light and that is because the entrance of light gives light. The bible says the word is the true light, telling us in fact that there are other lights but there is only one true light and others are ‘not so true’ lights, for example you have the x-rays that show you your bones and make it seem that all there is to you is just flesh and bones, but the word of God show you the real you, tells you that you are a spirit being, possessing a soul and living in a building, your body.
You can live a life of absolutes, you know science refuses absolutes, there is always a plus or minus somewhere, but God deals with absolutes and so does his word, there is no ‘maybe’ involved.
God’s word gives us the reality, shows us who we really are, maybe under the light of the sun, you could see yourself as a failure, a black man, a sickler, etc and that is okay, that is if you like the report, but just to be sure, you should see yourself under the word, if you are a believer, you would see a champion, a healthy man, a success and the word of God is profitable for instructions in righteousness meaning the word would give you instructions on how to do and say the right things always.
Learn to live your life based on the information given you from God’s word, remember he is the true light and he doesn’t cast shadows (doubts or uncertainties), he would show you the destination of the road you treading in your journey of life and if you fix your gaze only on the word, your journey would be upward and forward only.

John 1:9
That was the true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world.

Your tool for constant victory

Joy is a fruit of your recreated human spirit, meaning as a child of God, you were born with joy, question? Who did you get it from? You know when a child is born to a man and his wife and he portrays some behaviours the same question is normally asked by the family members, well, needless to say you got joy from God or better put you got joy from the word, because the bible clearly shows us that we were born, brought forth by God’s word, James 1:18. Your joy didn’t come as a result of any man and thus no man can take it away from you, never let anybody or situation try to steal your joy, once you choose not to be joyful in any situation, you have automatically chosen to be defeated.
The bible tells us that we draw out from the wells of salvation with Joy, meaning that joy is the medium which we use to get the answer or solution to whatever puzzle we find ourself in, to be more illustrative, joy is like the bucket you use in drawing out salvation (from confusion, sickness, failure, lack etc.) from the well (the flow of ideas by the Spirit of God, the enormous fountain of hope given by the word of God). If you don’t have a bucket, you would not be able to draw out from the well, even though it is right in front of you, so without joy, you would not be able to draw out the answer or the ‘peace’ that you desire.
Always maintain the upbeat of your joy, you can do that by singing (without being stirred up) and laughing (without being stirred up too) or confessing God’s word in that situation.
God has made available to us the well of salvation, and he also gave us the material to draw from it, don’t let anybody take that from you… rejoice all the way, remember the story of your life was written in a book by God and at the end, you won!

Isaiah 12:3
Therefore with joy shall ye draw water out of the wells of salvation.

Your Local Assembly

“One would chase one thousand, two would chase ten thousand”, “A three fold cord cannot be easily broken”. The Spirit has always breathe in us the idea of cooperation, cooperation between two people to produce massive results, in other words God expects you to join other believers and be more effective in your life. Well, aside producing results which cannot be over emphasized, there is always the ‘security-cover’ that is in cooperation.
We know the story of the elephants, how that they walk in troops and that the lions dare not attack any elephant while they are together because the elephants are very strong, so the lions wait till one of the elephants is isolated and at once tens of lionesses jump on the elephant and no matter how strong it is, it would be defeated because it was alone. This gives a picture of how the devil lies in wait (like a roaring lion) for an isolated believer; the believer who gradually forms the habit of staying away from church and other believers, he might remain strong (aferall a single elephant is not a weak animal by any standards, in itself it is stronger than two lions) but then he is an easy target for the enemy, no wonder the bible says we should exhort one another daily even as we see the Day approching, because the Spirit knows our fellowship as believers is very important.
Together we would change the world for Jesus. Be a responsible child and stick to your spiritual family i.e. your local church, that’s the place Jesus would talk to you and minister to you, remember in the book of revelations, how that he had instructions for different churches, notice he didn’t talk to the believer that didn’t go to church or that jumped from church to church.
Be active in your local assembly, participate, grow, develop, love and watch your life move from glory to glory!

Hebrews 10:25
Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another:and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching.

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Prosperity comes from the human spirit, you would notice that Jesus said out of your belly shall flow riverS of living water, he didn’t say river but riverS, meaning from you would flow a river of healing, a river of prosperity, a river of unending success.
Prosperity does arise from the human spirit but there are also principles which when applied bring lasting and fruitful results, one of such principle is sowing seeds, money seeds and expecting a harvest of money, Genesis 8:22. Well, unlike plant seeds, you don’t sow money seeds in the garden or vineyard but you sow them in God’s vineyard- in his work 2 Corinthians 8:4, maybe you give towards a project etc, but in all, you learn to sow.
God gives you money seeds first then adds money for bread to it, that’s why Paul said ‘both’ not ‘and’ God expects you to sow, he planned for it to be a part of your life as a Chriatian so you would receive abundantly in your finances and be able yo do big things for his gospel.
If you want to live in financial health all the time, then learn to sow, use your money wisely rememeber God gives seed then bread, never eat up your seed, sow the best money seeds to get the best money harvest, this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

2Corinthians 9:10
Now he that ministereth seed to the sower both minister bread for your food, and multiply your seed sown, and increase the fruits of your righteousness;)