God’s desire…

Walking with God is walking with his Spirit through the word. God does nothing outside his word, it’s amazing that he gave us his word to know his mind, you know the bible says out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks meaning that God’s word gives us a picture of what is in his heart.
We serve a God that joys in being so personal with us, he is our Father and he doesn’t think it is too much for him to stoop low and relate with us, in fact if he thought it was too much, he gave us his own life so there’ll be no excuse or boundary to his relating with us.
God’s word is always available to you, meaning God’s heart is always available, so you always have his attention, now he says to you “likewise give me your heart, give me your attention” You give God your attention by making time out of your busy schedule to fellowship with his word and to talk to him in prayer.
Learn to talk to God when you pray, speaking in tongues is awesome, but it isn’t fellowship, when you speak in tongues you are building yourself, in prayer, talk to God, tell him about everything, be simple and honest with him, that’s how you give him your attention. Remember he knows everything about you already, so don’t try to show off in prayer be simple, honest and loving, he is your father.

Proverbs 4:20
My son, attend to my words;
incline thine ear unto my sayings.


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