His peace

Jesus loves you, he is more ambitious for your success than you can ever imagine to be, he is more interested in your well being than you can be. What aileth thee? What has given you so much concern for some weeks now, it could be a loved one that has fallen ill or it could be concerns about being fruitful in the work he has called you to do, whatever it is, he is more interested in your success than you can be.
If there was anything that would take away your peace (your wellbeing, state of rest) he’d take it away because his job is to give you peace by ALL means, meaning that if getting your mom healed would give you peace, healing would come to your mother. He is the lord of peace, meaning the ruler of peace, in otherwords he directs the course of peace and administers peace to whom he wants. Peace could come in different forms, peace for a sick man would be health, peace for an unemployed man would be getting a job. So he gives his children peace by all means, no wonder he said “cast all your worries and burdens on me, i am concerned about you”, Philippians 4:6.
God’s solution is his word, God’s peace comes to you via his word, pay attention to his word, this involves studying your bible, listening to messages or even reading this blog. Make sure you have a constant view of God’s word and use it as an anchor in your mind, knowing that the One who loves you is about your business- making you more successful than you can imagine!

2Thessalonians 3:16
Now the Lord of peace himself give you peace always by all means. The Lord be with you all.


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