Love trusts

Trust is not earned! Trust is a gift, no one can earn your trust because you can’t define anybody well enough for the person to qualify based on one or two things the person did, you give your trust to people as a gift that they really do not deserve.
You know, you could often hear some Christians say “he did so, so and so and i would never trust him again” well, that’s not completely true, you can trust anybody if you want to and distrust anybody that you want to, think about this: for a moment, what if God chose to trust you based on the things you did, thought upon and said? You most likely wouldn’t earn his trust, but you see God is love and the bible tells us that love believes all things, this means that love hopes or anticipates the best about every situation or person. God believes the best about that Christian that lied and repented so much that he would give him the responsibility to work as a cell leader even though he had lied before.
Jesus was God’s expression here on earth, he did the same for the man who denied him- Peter, he trusted him with feeding his flock after he had denied him three times. You were born of a love God, thus you are a love child. Believe the best about people and don’t think they have to earn your trust, be God everyday, he separates the wrong from the wrongdoer… so should you!

1Corinthians 13:7
Beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things.


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