The real deal

Until you receive the spirit of reality, you can not know the reality of things in the world, for example, suppose a man feels serious pains on his head, and anytime he approaches the doctor, he is given a pain relieving pill, and he takes it but after two weeks the pain returns, he could continue living like that for the rest of his life and would never know that the real problem behind the pain was the fact that he had a brain tumor, and thus he would live his life dealing only with was not the reality.
Before Jesus came, if a man was sick, or crazy they referred him to the physician or isolated him, because they didn’t want him to be a nuissance in the city, they didn’t know the reality behind the sickness or behind the madness, but when Jesus showed up, he talked to demons, he talked to sicknesses, he knew that the man who was sick, was being afflicted by a demon, that was the reality behind the situation, but untill he came they didn’t know.
If you do not treat the real problem and you focus only on its effets, you would do the same thing over a million times, and not get permanent results. For you to live effectively and successfully in this life you need to know the real matter always, and only the word of God would give you that reality. Jesus said “thy word is truth- the reality), for example may be you need a financial break through, and you have made investments, saved money or even borrowed money and yet all to no avail, you need to know the reality behind your financial situation, thus you study what God’s word says about money and act on the instructions given to you, this can be applied to any area of your life- health, studies etc.
God is not interested in you chasing shadows, he wants you to live your life, dealing only with real issues.

John 1:17
For the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ.


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