How possible. Who’s responsible?

“Nothing is too difficult for God”, absolutely nothing, if you can think about it, he can do it and much more, after all that’s why he is God.
You know, the prophet Jeremiah, was the first to make the above statement, he wondered at the works of God’s hands and concluded that nothing was too difficult for God, that was the Prophet’s observation.
Angel Gabriel appeared to Mary and amongst all that he said, he mentioned that “with God nothing shall be impossible”, this was the statemwnt made by an angel, a spirit who had been in heaven, he came on earth and while discussing with a woman, told of her of things to come and concluded that in the nearest future, nothing would be too difficult for God to do.
But you know, Jesus was God’s expression on the face of the earth, meaning that when Jesus smiled, the father smiled, Jesus’ thougts were the father’s thoughts and it is striking to note that Jeaus nearly said the same thing with the Prophet and the angel, but he said his with a remarkable yet significant difference, he could have declared that with God nothing would be difficult (actually he said that also in his prayer to the father) but he told us that nothing would be impossible for US if we believe, and remember nothing is impossible because anything is possible.
So, the angel and the Prophet said nothing is impossible with God, but when God himself came down he passed the baton and said if YOU believe nothing would be impossible to you. See yourself through God’s eyes, see the situation through God’s eyes, he sees you big, big enough to handle anythong, but you have to see the same thing with him.
Just believe. There are no steps to your believing, infact believing is the first step, you simply just believe, so no matter the situation you find yourself in, if you would only believe God’s word about that situation, you would return with a testimony.

Mark 9:23
Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.


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