Taking over

The father expresses himself by his spirit and he has given us his spirit that we would be an expression of his love, power, personality and passion.
When Jesus walked the face of the earth, we saw that he had a passion to reach out to the lost and he taught his disciples the same and thus it is difficult for somebody to be in a close relationship with Jesus and not have a passion to reach the lost.
At times, the challenge for most Christians might be the right word to start with when preaching to someone, or how to influence the conversation and at the end preach the gospel. Well, we learn from Phillip the deacon in the book of Acts 8:30 how that he started in a polite manner with the Euthopian eunuch, and so you can start a conversation in a polite way, maybe in the form of offering help like Phillip, a personal greeting, or even a short discuss on some environmental/ social incidents but amidst the ‘method of start’, you should not forget your goal in that conversation and make sure you are the one in charge of the conversation so it doesn’t blow out of proportion and you find yourself in an argument or in a long discussion about witches, football or the government, that could happen so you make sure you are in charge of the conversation and that you introduce Jesus and what he did to the individual.
But in all, make sure you open your mouth and let words come out, never forget that God is depending on you to take the gospel to others and thus you must preach the gospel with the ability of the Spirit. Speak in tongues before you step out and take a hold of that street for the Lord, preaching his message of salvation to those who have not been told.

Acts 19:20
So mightily grew the word of God and prevailed.


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