Your tool for constant victory

Joy is a fruit of your recreated human spirit, meaning as a child of God, you were born with joy, question? Who did you get it from? You know when a child is born to a man and his wife and he portrays some behaviours the same question is normally asked by the family members, well, needless to say you got joy from God or better put you got joy from the word, because the bible clearly shows us that we were born, brought forth by God’s word, James 1:18. Your joy didn’t come as a result of any man and thus no man can take it away from you, never let anybody or situation try to steal your joy, once you choose not to be joyful in any situation, you have automatically chosen to be defeated.
The bible tells us that we draw out from the wells of salvation with Joy, meaning that joy is the medium which we use to get the answer or solution to whatever puzzle we find ourself in, to be more illustrative, joy is like the bucket you use in drawing out salvation (from confusion, sickness, failure, lack etc.) from the well (the flow of ideas by the Spirit of God, the enormous fountain of hope given by the word of God). If you don’t have a bucket, you would not be able to draw out from the well, even though it is right in front of you, so without joy, you would not be able to draw out the answer or the ‘peace’ that you desire.
Always maintain the upbeat of your joy, you can do that by singing (without being stirred up) and laughing (without being stirred up too) or confessing God’s word in that situation.
God has made available to us the well of salvation, and he also gave us the material to draw from it, don’t let anybody take that from you… rejoice all the way, remember the story of your life was written in a book by God and at the end, you won!

Isaiah 12:3
Therefore with joy shall ye draw water out of the wells of salvation.


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  1. This is true #iLike

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