No shadows

God’s word is light, the bible says the entrance of his words giveth light and that is because the entrance of light gives light. The bible says the word is the true light, telling us in fact that there are other lights but there is only one true light and others are ‘not so true’ lights, for example you have the x-rays that show you your bones and make it seem that all there is to you is just flesh and bones, but the word of God show you the real you, tells you that you are a spirit being, possessing a soul and living in a building, your body.
You can live a life of absolutes, you know science refuses absolutes, there is always a plus or minus somewhere, but God deals with absolutes and so does his word, there is no ‘maybe’ involved.
God’s word gives us the reality, shows us who we really are, maybe under the light of the sun, you could see yourself as a failure, a black man, a sickler, etc and that is okay, that is if you like the report, but just to be sure, you should see yourself under the word, if you are a believer, you would see a champion, a healthy man, a success and the word of God is profitable for instructions in righteousness meaning the word would give you instructions on how to do and say the right things always.
Learn to live your life based on the information given you from God’s word, remember he is the true light and he doesn’t cast shadows (doubts or uncertainties), he would show you the destination of the road you treading in your journey of life and if you fix your gaze only on the word, your journey would be upward and forward only.

John 1:9
That was the true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world.


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