Being Right

Righteousness is that ability of God in a human that causes him to do and say the right things according to God’s standards all the time. Well, that might not be the experience of many Christians but that doesn’t change the word of God that has declared every believer righteous, remember it is God who is boss and he says what is what and who is who, if he says you are righteous then you are but it is your responsibility to live out that righteousness.
For example as a believer if you lie or use abusive words, you’d feel uncomfortable because you are wired differently, you know right from wrong and you really want to do the right thing, God knows that too and so he gave you his word, understand that the word of God not only brings you information but has the ability to transform you or better put cause you to metamorphose into what he talks about. For example Jesus in speaking to the raging storm declared “be still” meaning that the raging storm automatically became “still” that means if Jesus had said “be dog!” The storm would have become a dog, so if the word says “be anxious for nothing” he is not only bringing you information he is making you what he talks about, so no matter your situation you become ‘anxious for nothing’, it is so important for every believer to submit to the word and God’s righteousness.
Love is patient, love is kind, God is love and thus God is patient and kind, he is patient enough to help you grow and learn, if you make a mistake don’t get disappointed or discouraged instead lean back on the word and become a better Christian.

Romans 6:11
Likewise reckon ye also yourselves to be dead indeed unto sin, but alive unto God through Jesus Christ our Lord.


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