When a book is being read to an expectant audience, the author of the book is never on the edge even though the audience might be. For example lets say in a story book the protagonist (i.e. main character) is a super hero and in the heat of his fight against the villain in the story, he is kept in a cage which is dropped in an ocean and the story comes to an end to be continued, the reader might get worried because during the course of the story, he or she was never told that the super hero had the ability to survive under water, but the author of the book would not be in the same state of anxiety and suspense as the reader because while writing the book, he had made up his mind from the start that the protagonist i.e. the super hero would come out in the end as the victor no matter the ‘throws’ given him by the villain, so if all he requires is a scuba-diving set to come out of the water or special swimming or ‘breathing under water’ ability to come out of the water a victor, the author would create it for the character, simply because he knows the end of the story would unveil the victory of the protagonist.
In the word of God, the Spirit has already declared that he that has believed in Jesus Christ “overcame” and also declared that he has “overcome the world” and that he is “more than conquerors” and the Spirit’s declaration is final, no matter what life may throw your way, no matter the wiles of the devil, the word has declared that at the end you won!
Maybe you found yourself in a strange situation where you can’t even see any possibility of you coming out victorious, well, remember the author would always provide a means whereby the protagonist comes out the victor. There is a popular saying “actor no dey die for film!” How true! The same applies with God, you- his actor would never be defeated that is not consistent with his story, so chin up, square your shoulders, lift your head up high and walk as the victor that you are in Christ Jesus, refusing the deceitful lies of the devil telling you, you have failed or you would never make it in life, refuse such lies and walk with an air of victory always!

2Corinthians 2:14
Now thanks be unto God, which always causeth us to triumph in Christ, and maketh manifest the savour of his knowledge by us in every place.


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