God’s expectations

God made man to live by faith; faith he receives from the word of God. When Adam sinned and God met him, after Adam narrated to God his naked state and why he hid himself from God, God asked a fundamental question “who told you that you are naked” meaning that God expected Adam to live by information only, information from God not from what he perceived with his human senses, meaning that even if Adam felt cold, to God he wasn’t cold until God gave him the information that he was cold. God expected Adam to receive information from him, and when the word of God comes to a person, he produces faith thus God made and expected Adam to live by faith from his spirit.
Well, God’s expectations hasn’t changed the bible says “the just i.e. righteous shall live by faith” and we were made righteous in Christ, thus God expects every believer to live by faith alone; to live by what he receives from the word of God alone, so even if you were diagnosed with cancer, to God you are not yet sick until he declares you so through his word.
You can get all sort of information from different sources, but God wants you to rest only on his word that has declared you healthy, wealthy, super intelligent etc. If you go to God in prayer because you were diagnosed with so and so, he’d ask you the same question “who told you?” And if you say “the doctor” he’d say, “but i thought i said incline your ears to my sayings i.e. only pay attention to what i tell you. Did my word say you have so and so?” You would most likely say “no, your word says by the stripes of Jesus, I was healed” and he’d say “that’s the only information you should believe!”
Live by the word, that was how you were made to function.

2Corinthians 5:7
(For we walk by faith, not by sight:)


3 thoughts on “God’s expectations

  1. Oh, what a glorious life! God’s word is the manual for our lives. Our features are all in it. We use it to function optimally, being fully efficient and effective. Thanks for sharing God’s word.

  2. Halleluyah!! His word brings life…itz not what people say/think concerning me dt matters…all dt matters is what HE says and thinks concerning me…Oh!! GLORYY!!

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