Salvation means the process of being saved, being saved from something not neccessarily sin. You could be saved from a financial problem, from a critical health problem, from excessive failure in school or in life generally.
There is also salvation from sin, which every Christian is familiar with and Jesus has made that possible, but he also brought salvation from sickness, pain, poverty, failure, emotional trauma, fear etc. So even if you have received his salvation, you might still struggle with sin, sickness, poverty and the likes because though you have received salvation, it is your responsibility to work out your salvation, Philippians 2:12. Take for example you were given a gift parcel and you took it gladly and you never opened it, you would never know what was in the parcel and thus never enjoy the benefits of the gift, and it could just be a million dollars.
We all have received the gift of salvation but you have to open that gift and use it i.e. working it out. You use it by:
1. Believing that you have been saved from sin, sickness, poverty, failure, fear etc and thus things like that should never be the experience of you or your family.
2. Speaking the word of God in the first person concerning those situation (click here)
3. Put the word to work at every given opportunity
4. Share the word with others, with love in your heart expecting to see them transformed.
If you live your life like this, you would live fully in the blessings of coming into Christ, tears and disappointment would be a thing of the past.

1Timothy 6:17
… but in the living God, who giveth us richly all things to enjoy;


2 thoughts on “Saved!

  1. Sis Ebi, thanks really for sharing God’s word; they have been a blessing.

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