Words are like capsules that contain white substances, when received, the content of the capsule is released and has an immediate effect on the recipient.
In the beginning was the word… in him was life! So in the word- Jesus was life… if you received him, life would be released in you and would have an immediate effect on you! Maybe you are experiencing a dead situation; growing cancer cells, dead nerve cells, excruciating pains… when you receive the word, life would be released in your body and would dispel the effects of death!
…that was the true light!… still talking about the word. When the word is received, he brings light to that dark situation. You may be experiencing some darkness in your life; confusion, uncertainties about marriage, work place, relationships… if you receive the word, you would have light… those dark areas would vanish… in him was life; the light of men… the darkness could not comprehend!
… faith comes by hearing… hearing the word… when you receive the word, he releases faith into your spirit, all doubts and fears would dissolve. You would be emboldened to act on the word all the time.
… with the heart man believes… with the mouth, he speaks… that’s how to receive the word, not just mentally accepting that the word is true, but believing the word and speaking it. Believe the words you just read. The word gives life (heals every dead situation). The word gives light (no more confusions!) The word gives faith (enough to raise a man from coma!)
But there are other words, these minister fear, darkness, death… be careful of the things you listen to. Don’t walk in cycles.
Choose prosperity, peace, life, health, success… choose the word!

1John 1:2
(For the life was manifested, and we have seen it, and bear witness, and shew unto you that eternal life, which was with the Father, and was manifested unto us;)


One thought on “Words…

  1. Every one born of God is born of an incorruptible seed and just as the plant has it’s life from the soil, so is the renewed man from God’s word. We ought to live on God’s word, it’s the source of our lives…
    Thanks Ebi, ‘every time’ for sharing God’s word… (Avalanche of pleasant smileys)

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