God’s eyes are over you, he sends his angels to guide you. He is with you always. Consider th birds of the air, Jesus said, not one of them is sold without God’s knowledge! Wow! That means from the start of the world till date, God has a record of every single bird that has been sold, been eaten and has died due to harsh weather conditions or human factors.
Interestingly, even though he had so much information about the birds, he didn’t send an angel to die for them! He sent his son to die for human beings, woah… that means that he is so concerned about us, even to the details we consider unimportant and we pay little or no attention to, he knows the number of every hair on the head of every human on the face of the earth. He really does care about you, much more than you permit yourself to believe.
Well, this our all knowing God, knows where the excess money is in the world, he knows where the excess resources are, he knows where the job is and where the right people are situated and since he is looking out for your best, he definitely wants to channel all you require your way. Hear Jesus say “Ask! And you shall receive that your joy may be full, John 16:26-27” in other words, God is saying “boast yourself in me, I can give you anything you want.” Think about the son of the Local Government Chairman or the Mayor, he majors on what his dad can do for him and all that his dad has, God is saying to you also “Ask! Ask!! Ask!!! I really do care about you and while I remain your father, which i always will, nothing in this world can hurt you, absolutely nothing, I am your exceeding great reward!”
Learn to meditate everyday on his love and goodness and rest in his love all the time!

1Peter 5:7
casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you.


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