Increasing influence

God’s plan for the believer is to make him so influential that with his influence he would take the gospel to places where the gospel would not have reachee if not for his influence or would not be allowed because of environmental/ societal restrictions.
Technology is one of such blessings, now a minister can get on television, and in the long run into the bedroom of a man that would not welcome any preacher into his house, if he knocked on his door!
A Christian can get so influential that even if they would not want the gospel to be preached in China, they would not be able to refuse the money that the believer would pay for a slot on TV.
When Micheal Jackson died, it was aired all over the world. Jesus, the son of God died for the sins of the world over two thousand years ago and there are some people that haven’t even heard what he did.
Money is important in preaching the gospel, follow the principles given us in the bible to have money, (one of such principles is giving) so that your level of influence would be increased, and you would reach more people by your giving.

Proverbs 18:23
The poor useth intreaties;
but the rich answereth roughly.


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