God’s principles are meant to be followed even though you are the ‘second born’ in Christ! You live a victorious life by your actions not your intentions. For example, suppose a lady teacher walks into the toddler class and notices a spoilt switch box, that has all its connection wires out, meaning that if any toddler mistakenly touches the wire, that baby would be electrocuted, so the teacher in other to prevent that from happening rushes over to the spoilt box and lays her hands on the wires to protect the children.
Although her intentions were right- which was to protect the children, she would still be electrocuted because she acted against the law of electricity. She would get results based on her actions not her intentions. This applies to the kingdom of heaven, it’s not enough to have a good intention to give towards the kingdom, it’s not enough to just wish you could heal the sick, you must learn to act according to God’s principles for giving and healing which are: you give what you have in faith and you lay your hands on the sick respectively.
Search the scriptures diligently and find out those principles that operate in our kingdom, so that you can live a life of absolute victories. Remember good intentions are not enough.

1Chronicles 15:13
For because ye did it not at the first, the Lord our God made a breach upon us, for that we sought him not after the due order.


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