See the best… be the best!

Learn to see the best in others, ignore those things that ‘displeases’ you about other people and train yourself to only see the best part in people. This applies not just to individuals but to different ‘companies’, for example assume you go for a meeting, most likely a church meeting and you didn’t enjoy the sermon, but you really enjoyed the choir ministration, when you come out of the service, don’t talk about the sermon instead joy yourself in the choir ministration that blessed you so much, and if you are invited by someone to talk about the sermon, simply run!
Practise seeing the best in others, till you learn to see lesser faults in people you would find it difficult to walk in love towards others and your fellow brethren and that means you are not yet the best, because walking in love is the highet call of the believer: walking in love towards unbelievers and towards believers.
Learn to speak the best about others, the bible says speak evil of no man, Titus 3:2, meaning do not speak evil of unbelievers, believers or even the president of the country. This is an instruction from the holy Ghost, so make up your mind that you would learn to see the best and to speak the best in others and about others.

Romans 14:19
Let us therefore follow after the things which make for peace, and things wherewith one may edify another.


3 thoughts on “See the best… be the best!

  1. Thoughtful reminder…God’s word guides and reminds us of how to live. Thanks Ebi…

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