The entrance of God’s word giveth light, Psalm 119:130. Light signifies solution, stability, ideas and life. The presence of death or loss is amplified by darkness, but the presence of life is amplified by light for God is light the bible says.
There could be darkness in the area of health, a job project, getting a spouse, gaining admission into school, such darkness that signifies confusion and dissatisfaction. To dispel that darkness you need light, and the entrance of God’s word into your heart would bring light into your spirit, maybe there was something you didn’t understand about your project or about your body, the bible says the entrance of God’s words would not only bring light but would give you understanding and don’t forget the bible says that God’s word is medicine,
The word comes into you in oneness when you spend time fellowshipping with the word, diligently going through the scriptures and spending time meditating on them, by doing such you let the word soak into you faith and hope and love and allow it dispel all fears, and uncertainties and unbeliefs.
Learn to stay on God’s word, in him is life!

Psalms 119:130
The entrance of thy words giveth light;
it giveth understanding unto the simple.


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