Active Comfort

The Spirit of God is our comforter, Jesus said he would send him to be with us forever, meaning that we would never be comfortless!
The Spirit of God comforts us in a more active manner, for example suppose a lady lost her wallet in the shopping mall and in it she had not just all of her savings but also some amount of money she kept for someone else, the idea of a comforter to her would be one who would show up and sympathize with her and give her a shoulder to cry and lean on, that is all very nice but that is not what the holy Ghost being your comforter means.
If the holy Ghost were to show up in that situation, he would show her were the wallet was, and in that she would be greatly comforted! He is not the sort of comforter that would only sympathize with you when the doctor’s report shows you have cancer. No. He would heal you of that cancer and bring great comfort to your heart. He reaches out and fixes the situation, he clears the debt for you, he heals your sick mom or wife just to bring you great comfort.
He is your helper! You are not meant to struggle in this world, you were never meant to feel discouraged or unhappy. Jesus sent you a comforter, who would not just sympathize with you but he would also get you out of that trouble you found yourself in.
Tell him eveything, he was sent to be with you forever! Remember, you are never alone, you have a comforter!

John 14:18
I will not leave you comfortless:I will come to you.


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