No more failures!

Death is not just the physical departure of a man’s spirit from his body. When the effects of death are observed, we can say that individual from whom we observe such effects is being affected by death. The bible says the sting of death is sin, so that is one effect of death, sin. The sting of a mosquitoe could be malaria, so we can say the effect of the mosquito bite is malaria, thus our conclusion that one major effect of death on a man is sin.
Another effect of death is sickness (the not so distant cousin of sin) so when a man cannot move his right leg, we would say that leg is lifeliess i.e. dead, and thus paralysis is an effect of death, the same applies to minor issues like headaches, cancer, kidney stones, ulcer, alcoholism etc.
Nokia phones are very reliable, meaning they don’t get spoilt easily, so the manufacturers have made a name for themselves, you could almost bet that you can use your nokia phone till the coming of our Lord. If a man made company like nokia, know that a good product would mean a good name for them, what about God? When God made the human body, he didn’t plan for the lungs or kidney or anything to fail! Adam lived nine hundred and thirty years and he didn’t need to travel to India for a kidney transplant, showing that sickness wasn’t and isn’t part of God’s plan for man.
Well, Jesus came and tasted death for every man so that no man needs to taste death anymore, if you were going on an all-expense paid trip to honolulu, it would be unnecessary for you to pay for your food or for the trip itself. That’s why its called all expense paid! Jesus has tasted death for every man, no need for you to be brought under the bondage of sin or sickness anymore, someone greater has conquered all.
If you were told to pay for your food on your journey to honolulu, you most likely would talk back at whoever is telling you such, in the same vein, if you have been diagnosed with any disease, talk back at the devil! Declare boldly what Jesus has done for you and refuse to live your life according to that diagnosis.
God wants you well… believe it and live your life to the full!

Hebrews 2:9
But we see Jesus, who was made a little lower than the angels for the suffering of death, crowned with glory and honour; that he by the grace of God should taste death for every man.


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